Brand Promoters

The promoter is not an ordinary seller, it is a person who can make the client familiar not only with the product itself, but also its functionality. An experienced promoter balances between sales and marketing. He conducts trainings, presentations and various types of marketing campaigns in the store.


Regardless of the industry and point of sale, the role of a customer advisor cannot be overestimated. The reason? It is the customer advisor who has direct, dedicated contact with a potential buyer. This is the person consumers approach in order to obtain information about the product or service they are planning to purchase. On top of that, it is a proactive person, convincing undecided buyers to make a positive purchasing decision. In addition to extensive knowledge about a given product or service, an advisor must inspire trust, build relationships with the client, and provide comprehensive assistance. Such a person is a showcase of the store and

brand, and therefore has a significant impact on its image and sales.

A team of highly qualified and what is important, characteristically diverse advisors from ASM SFA has solid experience in many industries. Their professional activities have a direct impact on the implementation of plans and the formal service of the entire sales process.


From year to year, new ranges, lines as well as generic divisions into cosmetics, nutricosmetics, dermocosmetics and biocosmetics appear. Advertising overstimulation and tremendous offer may cause customers feel lost in the maze of products that are available. A dermoconsultant comes to help. In short, a dermoconsultant is specialised in sale of cosmetics available in a pharmacy and a person responsible for proper customer service. During a dermoconsultation, our dermoconsultants care for the right choice of care for the client. Each skin is different, so it requires an individual approach. Our dermoconsultants have to posses knowledge about care. They are trained persons educated in cosmetology or related disciplines who are the showcase of the brand at points of sales.

Dermoconsultants are specialists in the sale of cosmetic and / or dietary supplements. They are experts with a thorough knowledge of the product or cosmetic service, and at the same time they are responsible for product sales. Dermoconsultants delegated by ASM SFA are qualified and experienced not only in the field of theoretical knowledge, but also in terms of carrying out care demonstrations, the use of promoted products and services as well as promotion skills (aimed at sales).


A brand promoter (trendsetter, influencer) is more than a salesman or customer advisor. The promoter is an opinion-forming brand ambassador, identifying with it and promoting a given brand or product. Promoter’s immediate goal is not to stimulate an impulse, one-time purchase decision, but rather to build the brand’s image and awareness in the long term, consolidate its position, stand out from the competition and attract a loyal customer (explicitly or implicitly). The brand promoter creates trends and so-called customer experience – the way consumers experience a given brand. Positive connotations caused by the actions (recommendations) of the brand promoter result in increased demand for a given product, brand or service.

ASM SFA promoters are experts in their field. In addition to the necessary knowledge and methodological training, they have a very important, indispensable feature – intuition. They are subtle in their actions, and consequently authentic and effective in building the brand’s long-term popularity.

What are the benefits of having a brand promoter?

  • Active brand promotion and expanding brand awareness among customers.
  • Improving sales results.
  • Supervision over competition activities and obtaining additional opportunities to respond to customer needs and expectations,
  • The promotional message can be adapted to changing consumer shopping preferences.

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