Events, Fairs, Conferences

We specialise in organising image and sales events, building brand recognition and giving customers an opportunity to reach products directly.


The detailed scope of the ASM SFA event offer:

  • developing a creative concept and script,
  • a convenient and attractive location proposal,
  • developing the concept and producing scenery,
  • managing a team dedicated to the project,
  • comprehensive service and organisation of events,
  • production of necessary promotional materials (banners, roll-ups, gadgets, audiovisual materials, etc.),
  • full logistics base

Company retreats

We provide comprehensive organisation of company retreats. They aim to improve the atmosphere at work, increase employees’ productivity and commitment. We offer full support at every stage of the project, from research and creative concept planning, through the production of promotional materials and place branding, to finish with the organisation of the meeting itself and supervision over the course of the event.

What to keep in mind when planning a company retreat:

  1. FOR WHO? – The target group determines the specifics of a trip.
  2. WHERE TO? – The right choice of place (region) is a condition for a successful trip.
  3. WHEN? – Most trips are organised in spring (April-May) and autumn
  4. FOR HOW LONG?  – 2 days – average time of trips in Poland
  5. FOR HOW MUCH? – What budget can we spend on 1 participant?

Trade fairs

We often support the image and promotional activities of our clients during trade fairs and marketing events or industry conferences. The range of our possibilities is wide thanks to a great number of reliable subcontractors. We design, build and equip the exhibition stands. A professionally prepared trade fair stand is a showcase of the company and attracts the attention of potential customers, so it’s worth making a good first impression.


Training brings the intended results only when is properly organised. The work should start with developing a concept that includes several important elements: the purpose of the training, its scope and methods of implementation, the number of participants, place, date and duration of the meeting, as well as the budget. Thanks to many years of experience, we are able to offer a solution that perfectly meets the needs of a given project in terms of the number and size of conference rooms, conference equipment, catering, hotel and recreation facilities. Each training we provide is controlled by a dedicated mentor. Its purpose is to ensure that the meeting takes place according to a pre-established scenario, so that the trainer and training participants can focus only on the substantive side of the workshop.

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In whole Poland we have a network of more than 15000 promoters, sales representatives, merchandisers, consultants and hostesses.
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