What is merchandising?

Merchandising is used to effectively increase sales. Combining attractive presentation techniques with appealing organisation of a shopping area, merchandising has a positive influence on customers’ purchase decisions.


For more than 20 years, ASM Sales Force Agency has helped to influence millions of customers’ purchase decisions throughout integrated actions aiming at increasing visibility and attractiveness of products at shop shelves.

Stationary Merchandising

We provide stationary merchandising services at all kinds of points of sales. Our offer includes:

  • dependable team of merchandisers
  • flexibility and individual approach to all projects
  • supervision and execution of supplier/chain shop deal in terms of exposition
  • advanced IT system used for managing merchandising processes

Mobile Merchandising

Our Clients may receive the support of dedicated mobile merchandisers. Each of merchandisers has a car and is equipped with a mobile device that allows us the on-going supervision of merchandising process and effective visit management.

Mobile merchandising not only helps us to reach any point of sales and implement the basic merchandising services, but also opens various opportunities:

  • establishing strong relationship with shop managers
  • extending product lines available on shelves
  • suggesting new order placements
  • achieving satisfactory distribution level
  • providing additional actions e.g. audits

Special Offers

We support our Clients in carrying out centralised special offer campaigns. Our scope in this field includes implementation of exposition and full supervision of a campaign.


We support our Clients in exchange and returns of products. Thanks to extensive field structure we are able to provide our services swiftly.


Additionally, our merchandising services include co-packing, a wide range of services connected with packing products according to Client’s individual needs. Because of professional warehouse and logistic base we can guarantee top-quality services, as well as comprehensive POS project support of ie. promotional and logistic campaigns.

Visual Merchandising

Our extensive offer includes visual merchandising, the craft of product effective presentation which goal is to motivate a client to an impulse purchase, and to consequently, to increase sales. We use our experience gained throughout many years of work in different branches to chose visual marketing strategies accurately, so they perfectly mach the individual needs of a certain product, point of sales or channel. ASM SFA experts use their professional knowledge together with elements of social psychology and aesthetics.


We are experienced in stocktaking at shop chains, warehouses, production halls etc. We provide our services with assistance of experienced managers, qualified teams and necessary equipment.

we guarantee high-quality and fast realisation of our services.

Stocktaking of POS materials

ASM SFA also conducts stocktaking of POS materials. On behalf of the client, we check the location and functioning of the equipment, its condition and technical data, the need for replacement or modernisation. We create a database with appropriate photo documentation, collect information on individual equipment and recommend further actions.

In whole Poland we have a network of more than 15000 promoters, sales representatives, merchandisers, consultants and hostesses.
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