The Group

ASM Group S.A is a holding company managing the capital group of subsidiary companies specialised in providing comprehensive sales support and outsourcing services. ASM Group S.A. operates in Poland, Italy, and DACH countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). Altogether, companies within ASM Group S.A. provide services to 1500 Clients. Since 2016, the company’s shares has been listed at Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW).

Our companies

Our main pillars


Throughout presentation approach aiming at engaging customer’s interest in a certain product, merchandising has a great influence on consumers’ behaviours, and consequently on the rise of sales.



Our services include:

  • mobile merchandising
  • stationary merchandising
  • weekend merchandising
  • visual merchandising

Thanks to cooperation with our companies Client receives:

  • the right product exposition
  • client’s attention
  • firmly established position of a certain brand
  • sustained availability of a product on shelves
  • rise of sales


Outsourcing is one of the most effective measures when it comes to optimisation of business processes. It helps to reduce staff management costs, provides more flexibility in business operations, relieves the Client in many areas.

Outsourcing sales force means establishing and managing teams of representatives supporting sales, and administrating Client’s teams.

Services provided by the companies within the Group include:

  • establishing professional sales teams including:
    1. sales representatives
    2. sales promoters
    3. commercial counsellors
  • recruiting and training team members
  • managing and systematic monitoring of the teams
  • conducting periodic tests monitoring the effectiveness of achieving goals
  • results reporting

Field marketing

We take care of sales activation which includes promotional actions aiming at sales support or brand promotion using tools and we take actions to reach a consumer directly with a brand /product.

This includes activities both at a shop shelf where a consumer makes a decision on a purchase, as well as activities outside shops – in the places where a potential consumer works, or spends spare time ie. streets, boardwalks, beaches, parks, sports centres, pubs, clubs or restaurants.

  • Our services include:
    • animations
    • degustations
    • samplings
    • demonstrations
    • sales counselling
    • cross selling
    • events
    • POS materials production

We specialise in analysing the market situation based on shelf survey. The goal is a thorough market research and the use of innovative analytical methods.

Our advantages in the field of market research are:

  • experienced research teams,
  • accurate reporting – providing a wide spectrum of analytical possibilities.

Advantages of using marketing research results:

  • the ability to compare own products with these introduced by competition in terms of availability and prices
  • the analysis of trends at the “store shelfs” – the ability to assess the actual impact of the expenditure on merchandising services and promotion on sales volume
  • flexible response to changes in consumers’ purchasing trends

We also specialise in “Mystery Shopping” and customer satisfaction surveys. The goal is to use the obtained results in management practice.

  • we measure
  • we analyse
  • we recommend

As part of the “mystery shopping” survey, we check and monitor i.e.:

  • chain stores
  • fast food chains
  • DIY stores
  • banks
  • restaurants
  • pharmacies
  • gas stations
  • car showrooms / rentals
  • hotels / beauty salons and SPA
  • gyms and fitness clubs


The “customer satisfaction” survey has an impact on the company’s results and success. It attracts new customers and makes loyal customers stay with the brand.

The study provides the opportunity to observe behaviour in the following areas:

  • way of conducting business talk
  • attitude towards customers
  • employee’s personal culture
  • how employees share the knowledge about products/services with clients
  • way of offering a service or product
  • appearance of employees / order in the workplace
  • assessment of work quality by potential clients – auditors

The history of ASM Group:

Marketing agency Partner ASM is founded.
Partner ASM changes its legal form, a transition from non-commercial partnership to general partnership. PARTNERASM Sp. j is founded.
PARTNERASM Sp. j. acquires 30% of stock shares of Gruppo Trade Service - Polska Sp. z o.o.
ASM GROUP S.A is established.
PARTNERASM Sp. j. acquires the remaining 70% of stock shares of Gruppo Trade Service Polska Sp. z o.o. PARTNERASM Sp. j. becomes the sole owner of Gruppo Trade Service Polska Sp. z o.o.
PARTNERASM changes its legal form, a transition from General Partnership to Joint-Stock Company. PARTNERASM S.A. is established.
A merger of ASM GROUP S.A with PARTNERASM S.A.
ASM GROUP S.A. acquires 100% of stock shares of GreyMatters Sp. z o.o.
Acquisition of 100% of stock shares of Trade S.p.A.
Trade S.p.A. acquires 100% of stock shares of Promotion S.r.I.
ASM GROUP S.A debuts at NewConnect.
ASM Group S.A. debuts at at the main market of Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW).
ASM GROUP S.A and FEZ acquires more than 91% of stock shares of Verticom GmbH.


A purchase of national entities with similar business profile in order to increase a share in national sales support market.

A purchase of foreign entities with similar business profile.

Organic growth

A purchase of national entities with similar business profile in order to increase a share in national sales support market.

A purchase of foreign entities with similar business profile.

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